Ca$h Xhris - Memories ft Charlie Sky

Wow Sheesh Who Knew This Song Would Mean more to me now, than it did when I wrote it, Guess it was just a premonition, or did i speak it in Exisitence…Welp…..

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love-simply-bee asked:
Hey, i ran across your tumblr, I was wondering do you do photos and how much do you charge? Crazy how i ran across your tumblr, i dont know you, but my bf keyon does... he says you are really good

I do, and I charge based on what you are tryin to get done, headshots 45, shoot normally 75-90 ( for 1.5 hour and you receive all raw images and 10-15 edits)

psyourstrullyxoxo asked:
Where in fl are you from??

Tampa πŸŒ΄πŸ…°γ€½οΈπŸ…ΏοΈπŸ…°

wizentertainment asked:
Hey Chris I have a clothing line launching. In January. And i need designs for shirts the nane is going to be Thomas Lee Clothing I want to start with 4 Designs but you cn design more can you throw me some prices and ideas email gawizentertainmentgmailcom my name Is Andrew or AJ Da Wiz

Just getting this email mindfulcrationz@gmail.con

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